Current Officers




Kiernan Bates
Marine Biology Undergraduate Student






Biography: Kiernan is an undergraduate student with a major in Marine Biology and minor in Fisheries Science. She aspires to get her Ph.D. and research shark reproductive biology. A fun fact about her is that she enjoys scuba diving and is working towards her scientific diver certification!



Vice President

Lauren Cook
Oceanography Ph.D. Student




Biography: Lauren is a Ph.D. student in oceanography, and their research currently explores the role of forage fish in carbon cycling on the US Northeast Shelf. In their career, they hope to apply this research to harder-to-study mesopelagic species that are at risk of being fished in the future. A fun fact about them is that they love film almost as much as fish!




Elizabeth Bouchard
Ecology and Evolution Master’s Student






Biography: Elizabeth is a Master’s student in the Rutgers Ecology and Evolution program, and her research takes place at the Rutgers Haskin Shellfish Research Lab. She wants to continue into a career as an applied marine ecologist, bridging the gap between scientists, industry, and decisionmakers. A fun fact about her is that she’s been to more national parks in South Africa than in the US!




Hannah Naiman
Marine Science Undergraduate Student








Biography: Hannah is a undergraduate at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, majoring in marine science and minoring in fisheries. She hopes to work in environmental impact consulting and make small impacts to better the environment. A fun fact about her is that her favorite animal is a dolphin, closely followed by dragons.



Daphne Munroe
Associate Professor


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