Lauren in a black t-shirt and jeans, backwards hat, and glasses, leaning on a wooden rail near a large blue fish tank. They are smiling and making the 'surfs up' gesture.

President: Lauren Cook
Oceanography PhD Student

Biography: Lauren is a PhD student in Oceanography, and their research explores the role of small pelagic fish (“forage fish”) in carbon cycling on the US Northeast Shelf. In their career, they hope to apply this research to harder-to-study mesopelagic species that are at risk of being fished in the future. A fun fact about them is that they love to repair old computers!

Vice President: Charlotte Bramich
Directed Marine Studies Undergraduate Student

Biography: Charlotte is a senior pursuing directed marine studies with a minor in fisheries science. She has volunteered at a wildlife rehab for the last four years and when she graduates, is interested in working with rehabilitation of marine life. She is looking forward to more career opportunities and continuing her education after she graduates.

Elizabeth has dark brown hair tied in a bun. She is wearing a purple shirt and shorts. She is leaning forward, holding a bivalve to the camera and smiling.

Treasurer: Elizabeth Bouchard
Ecology and Evolution Master’s Student

Biography: Elizabeth is a Master’s student in the Rutgers Ecology and Evolution program, and her research takes place at the Rutgers Haskin Shellfish Research Lab. She wants to continue into a career as an applied marine ecologist, bridging the gap between scientists, industry, and decisionmakers. A fun fact about her is that she’s been to more national parks in South Africa than in the US!

Sam, with her hair pulled back and wearing sunglasses, a blue shirt, and shorts, holding a skate by the tail and underside, smiling.

Secretary: Samantha (Sam) Alaimo
Oceanography PhD Student

Biography: Sam is a PhD student in Oceanography and her research interests are how physical features of the ocean affect commercially important fish populations. In her career, she hopes to do research that informs fisheries management decisions. A fun fact about Sam is that she is an avid fisher herself.

Daphne with her hair pulled back, wearing sunglasses, a gray Rutgers hat, and a black Rutgers sweatshirt. She is on a boat with others and smiling at the camera.

Daphne Munroe
Associate Professor