Sam, with her hair pulled back and wearing sunglasses, a blue shirt, and shorts, holding a skate by the tail and underside, smiling.

President: Sam Alaimo
Oceanography PhD Candidate

Sam is a PhD candidate in Oceanography and her research interests are how physical features of the ocean affect commercially important fish populations. In her career, she hopes to do research that informs fisheries management decisions. A fun fact about Sam is that she is an avid fisher herself.

Vice President: Lauren Cook
Oceanography PhD Candidate

Biography: Lauren is a PhD candidate in Oceanography, and their research explores the role of small pelagic fish (“forage fish”) in carbon cycling on the US Northeast Shelf. In their career, they want to continue to explore the biogeochemical role of fishes in coastal systems, and create new physiological experiments and methodologies that handle the special needs of forage fishes in the lab. A fun fact about them is that they love to repair old computers!

Lauren in a black t-shirt and jeans, backwards hat, and glasses, leaning on a wooden rail near a large blue fish tank. They are smiling and making the 'surfs up' gesture.

Treasurer: Alex Ambrose
Oceanography PhD Student

Biography: Alex is a PhD student in Oceanography interested in how organisms are using available resources in changing habitats and how these changes can impact an ecosystem. She is also interested in studying how non-aquaculture species interact with sustainable aquaculture practices.

Secretary: Hails Tanaka
Oceanography PhD Student

Biography: Hails is a 2nd-year PhD Student. His interests include larval ecology, bio-physical interactions, and the impacts of climate change on invertebrate communities and populations.

Daphne with her hair pulled back, wearing sunglasses, a gray Rutgers hat, and a black Rutgers sweatshirt. She is on a boat with others and smiling at the camera.

Daphne Munroe
Associate Professor