Fisheries impact all of us whether it is a recreational activity, scientific or industry career path, the food on your plate or in your pet’s bowl. For us in the Rutgers AFS student subunit, we experience intense joy, awe and excitement while fishing, conducting research or learning more about fascinating fish species and how to best protect and manage them. Not all of us are equally represented or treated within our field but this passion should be accessible and shared with everyone, regardless of skin color, nationality, gender identity, religion or age. As aspiring fisheries scientists, our society stands with, and is committed to being represented by and inclusive of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. We currently adhere to the national AFS code of conduct and are open to continuously improving and promoting diversity, equality, and inclusivity within our subunit.

We aim to make our materials as accessible as possible, and are always looking to improve. If you have any feedback on ways we can make our online and in-person materials and events more accessible, please email us at