Introduction to GIS and CV Writing Workshop

While undergraduate and graduate students from Rutgers and Stockton Universities were preparing for their finals at the end of the fall semester, students from each NJ AFS Student Subunit came together for a joint Introduction to GIS and CV Writing Workshop weekend medley. First, students were taught an Introduction to ArcGIS by a Rutgers undergraduate, Anna Bashkirova. During this introduction, we learned the basics of GIS programming and had an opportunity to learn how to view, manipulate and analyze spatial data. We ended the workshop by creating maps of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and how it overlapped with different species of salmon along the Alaskan peninsula. 

During lunch, we hosted a CV Writing Workshop led by graduate student Emily Slesinger. Here we discussed the differences between a resume and a CV, how to build a CV, and then how to tinker full-CV’s to provide 2-page CVs for specific job applications. 

Altogether, this was a very successful event and we all enjoyed learning about GIS and how to polish our CV writing skills!