Rutgers, Stockton, and MATES Subunit Get-Together a Success

Daphne Munroe speaking with the Subunit members.

The Subunits at Rutgers University, Stockton University, and The Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) convened this past April to discuss student opportunities at the AFS Annual Meeting being held in Atlantic City in August and to encourage interaction and future collaboration between the Subunits. Pizza and drinks for this event were provided by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Subunit Funding Award (thank you!).

While eating lunch, students heard from AFS Program Co-Chair, Daphne Munroe, and AFS Local Flavor Co-Chair and Skinner Raffle Chair, Roland

Rutgers, Stockton, and MATES students making their pins.

Hagan, about why attending professional society meetings are beneficial to students and the different ways students can find funding to attend them.

Additionally, each of the Subunits had one or two students speak about their fisheries research. The group was given a tour of the MATES facility, featuring their aquaculture project, and made pins which can be worn on their meeting lanyards this summer in AC to represent their subunit pride!